Friday, February 23, 2018

Codex Tempore Rocks CcMixter

Netaudio just received a rocking new release from two heavy hitters at  Codex Tempore, a collaboration of Tobias Weber and Bill Ray is a solid listen all the way through and exemplifies what ccmusic is all about.  Free to share culture is crunchy and filled with groove.

For example "Free music, Free Beer," the eighth track on this 14 song collection, sounds like it came out of a bar in the French Quarter and rips on the riffs that brought free thinking musicians to ccMixter. Free culture is not exactly the same as free beer, but together, it makes for one hell of a blues song. "Hanging Eleven,"  featuring Kara Square on vocals, is a stoney surf rock classic. She joins other notable remixers who are featured on Codex Tempore, including Admiral Bob, Madam Snowflake, Mykle Anthony, and Mr. Yesterday. The album nears its climatic finish with the happening, funky number 'Two Minute Warning" and begins the journey that even the most discerning ear will find pleasing and filled with taste and execution.  (this is an excerpt from the album press release, read it here.)

We could go on and on about Codex Tempore, but the best way to get it is to listen to it.

Here are the links:

Thanks Tobias!  Thanks Bill Ray!  Jammin' within the mixter community is what you captured here.  See you at the Ccmusic Grammy's

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BillRayDrums said...

What an amazing endeavor. Thank you all for your inspired creativity. Soon the website will be finished!