Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Hanging Eleven with Blue Wave Theory

"Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory" is a twenty-song collection of remixes that not only bends the mind and ears with its range of genre diversity and production, but it also drops in on the waves of open sharing culture. How does this happen? It happens because collaboration breeds innovation.

In summer of 2016, this New Jersey based quartet was the featured artist for the “Ride the Wave Remix Event” within the global ccMixter music community. Talented artists from around the world created and produced dozens of outside-the-box remixes, which BWT later curated into Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory, a multi-genre release that is the group’s fourth.

Many of the remixes they picked feature vocals -- a first for Blue Wave Theory.  With the pells of Madam Snowflake, Kara Square, Sackjo22, and Forensic, and the production talent of remixers like Alex Beroza, Spinmeister, Bluemillenium and Platinum Butterfly, the album is filled with diversity while remaining true to the band’s roots.

Steve Rabeler, guitarist for Blue Wave Theory remarks, “I was amazed at how our surf rock instrumentals could be remixed, edited, and brilliantly incorporated into so many different styles and genres.”

If you're looking for a fresh take on a style of music that made surf culture a world wide phenomena, this album is a must have. Get it at ccMIxter's bandcamp page today.

Want to read more about this release? Snowflake's Tunetrack post gets you in the green room!

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Emily Richards said...

I'm listening to the album right now -- and from start to finish, it is musical bliss!!!