Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Madam Snowflake's Debut Album Highlights ccMixter Culture

Honey Valentine is a sonically-seductive, 15-song collection featuring many of your favorite ccMixter artists, all remixing Snowflake's vocals, and all mastered for high quality sound.  We are proud to feature this work as a hallmark of what can be accomplished through open sharing of creativity and talent.  Honey Valentine is a sign of what's to come from the collaboration within our community of remixers.

Here is an excerpt from the Honey Valentine Press Release:

 "Madam Snowflake delivers vocals that drip with sweet emotion in her new release Honey Valentine -- designed to spark and caress the souls of lovers.  Consistent with her dedication to collaboration and attention to production quality, Honey Valentine stays true to Snowflake's passionate artistry by seamlessly creating a soundscape that burns softly throughout the 15 track collection. By harnessing the production talent of remix artists from the global community at ccMixter.org, she once again showcases a culture that is truly fueled by love and gifting."

(video of the single Whole World Circling)

Read The Press Release

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Kara Square said...

This album is so solid! Romantic and sensual from beginning to end. I love how so many ccMixter artists are involved. GREAT work, everyone!!!