Tuesday, August 06, 2019

ccMixter on Bandcamp

Did you know that ccMixter has curated and released over a dozen albums of music on Bandcamp?  These curations are a great way to get a deeper listen into the artistry that has produced the world's most creative and unique music culture in existance.  We know the vast expanse of sound can be daunting to some listeners.  CcMixter's Bandcamp page is our way of showcasing remixes featuring specific genres or artists.  It's one of the best ways to get to know what remixing under Creative Commons license is capable of producing.

Take a minute to visit our Bandcamp page.  We're pretty sure you're going to find an album you like.  All the songs have been mastered to bring out the best in the original mixes.  

Let us know what you think.  We'll continue to release the best free to share music on the planet.  

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ten Pells Ten Samples Ten years of Remix Action

The ccmusic remix event of the summer InTENtions garnered over fifty remixes of new original music based on the contributions of musicians using creative commons licensing to share samples, pells and remixes.  Ten years ago, ccMixter was on the cutting edge of music culture.  We are still here, and we look forward to the next ten years of creative and open music culture!

Congrats to texasradiofish and WhiteWolf for contributing at least 5 remixes to the inTENtions Event! We are making donations in your name to a charity of your choice.

We'd also like to give Honorable Mentions to:
Scomber for submitting 4 remixes and 3 pells
Sackjo22 for 3 pells and 3 remixes
Admiral Bob for 4 remixes and 1 pell, and
Zep Hurme[/url] for 4 remixes. 
Kick A$$!

What an amazing event. Our community rocks!

InTENtions Playlist

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Temperate Transitions Secret Mixter

O for a draught of vintage, that hath been
Cooled a long age in the deep-delved earth,
Tasting of Flora and the country green...
~John Keats

Like the beginning of summer, the secrets of Temperate Transitions will be revealed like the secrets of a fading darkness.  Like the beginning of Winter, secrets will fall into a dreamworld of mystery.  Like music these secrets will reverberate throughout the ecosystem.  We are mixing into the unknown, where creativity thrives. 

So, wherever you are on this earth, take the time to enjoy the secrets of creative commons music during this time of change.  It will wash away the thoughts that keep you from transitioning into a new reality.  Promise!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Remix Starfrosch Jerry Spoon "Cold Ears"

Remix Starfrosch Jerry Spoon "Cold Ears"

Starfrosch, a well known advocate of Creative Commons Music, and Jerry Spoon, a Swiss music producer and owner of Studio Voisier, have teamed up for a collaborative music project that is expected to rock the Creative Commons music world. They’ve invited the ccMixter community to contribute to their creative process by remixing the track “Kalte Ohren” for inclusion on their 2020 album release. Both Starfrosch and Jerry Spoon acknowledge their deep respect for the ccMixter community and are looking forward to our contribution.

“ccMixter is the most vibrant culture of Creative Commons music in the world.” ~Starfrosch

We couldn’t agree more.

In addition to sharing Creative Commons music through his blog, podcast and chart, Starfrosch helped found the Open Music Network — and ccMixter is a contributing member of the group.

Starfrosch and Jerry Spoon will include their favorite ccMixter remix from this event on their album and promote it across all platforms. ccMixter will promote all contributing artists on our networks as well.

Listen to the mix:

Watch the “Kalte Ohren” Video:

Relevant Links:
Ccmixter event page
Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears) Stems HERE.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hidden Treasures Remix Event

Music is a treasure hunt. You dig and dig, and sometimes you find something.
~Ry Cooder

The vaults of ccMixter are filled with sonic gems, glittering samples and sparkling vocals. Some of these treasures have been buried beneath mounds of uploads; they are the secrets in the depths of the archives, lost in the caves of the past. We’ve discovered some of them recently and now you have a treasure map of your own. It’s time to go treasure hunting and remix the sounds that have not yet been heard. It’s time for the Hidden Treasures Remix Event.

The Hidden Treasures Remix Event reveals the musical riches that have yet to be discovered by producers and listeners the world over. We’ve searched and searched, and still, there is more music to be found. Have you uncovered a sample or pell that hasn’t been remixed? Now is your chance to dig deep and bring to the surface sounds that no one has yet heard. Now is your chance to remixed the unmixed, and polish the silver that once was lost in the vaults.

Listeners and producers join us as we scour the site for uploads and bring them up from the depths of the unknown. Hidden treasures will be revealed, and the golden booty will make us all sing and dance like pirates in the firelight.

Here are the links you'll need to dig for our Hidden Treasures.


Monday, February 04, 2019

CCMusic Awards 2019

Congratulations Winners!

We are proud to announce this year's CC Music Awards winners in the remix catagories and thank all the musicians and organizations involved in making these awards possible.  It's an exciting time for Free to Share music, and these awards mark a historic point in the growth of our worldwide community.  Together, we all deserve a round of applause

Check out the CC Music Awards website for winners in all categories — remix awards are listed below.

Remix Album of the Year:
“Amplifiers” by ccMixter

Remix Track of the Year:
“Adaptation” by Zep Hurme (feat spinning merkaba)

Remix Instrumental of the Year:
“Apoxode Resin (Bringing Me Down)” by Loveshadow (feat Apoxode)

Remix Experimental Track of the Year:
“Light” by onlymeith (feat airtone)

Remix A Cappella of the Year:
“Sunshine” by Leza Boyland

Remix Spoken Word of the Year:
“The New Americana” by Panu Moon

Remix Stems/Sample of the Year:
“Regeneration” by Javolenus

Thank you to our judges for their time and for listening to so many tracks! And congratulations to all winners and nominees.

These awards magnify the skills of the producers, musicians, singers, and writers in our community — and while certain tracks were given deserved recognition, I’m reminded it is our collective creativity that evolves our art.

Music Connects Us!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Love Songs For YouTube

Romantic Music for Web Videos -- Free to Use, with Attribution

Are you making a romantic video for Valentine's Day? Then you need passion-invoking music to create the mood. ccMixter offers romantic instrumentals and enchanting love songs that are FREE to use for personal projects -- with Attribution. (Here's how to Credit our CC licensed tracks.)

Explore these playlists to find the perfect track for your Valentine's Day video or podcast:

Romantic and Chill Instrumentals for Creatives
Love Songs for Creatives

Need inspiration? Check out this beautiful video from one of our favorite and most remixed artists...Madam Snowflake.