Friday, August 22, 2014

500+ New Tracks for ccMixter's BIG Fest

Virtual Summer Festival Produces a Universe of Music

ccMixter BIG FestccMixter artists from all around the world collectively created 500 new music tracks in a variety of genres this summer. The ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest was an expansive, collaborative experience for all who contributed.

Visit the virtual stages to experience this universe of music by theme:  Pleiades Unplugged LoungeOmega Roots StageAndromeda Alternative Theatre, Spirograph Soundscape Room, Hubble Hip-Trip Stage, & the DeepSpace Dance Tent.

We're working on curating BIG Fest podcasts, playlists and ccPlus albums to share with the world. So stay tuned!

Check out the 25 most listened to tracks from the BIG Fest overall. Listen to all of tracks, including remixes, samples, and pells HERE.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Announcing the ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest

ccMixter's Global Music Event Themed Universe of Music

ccMixter Big Summer Music Fest
We are excited to announce the first ccMixter BIG Summer Music Fest! Inspired by the summer music festivals (like Coachella, Bonaroo), this remarkable event is a virtual music festival themed Universe of Music. Together here at ccMixter, we will create and share music in a wide variety of genres for various virtual stages and tents, focusing on one genre at time, changing every two weeks.

Never before have we launched a music event this large! Find all of the details HERE.

ccMixter Big Summer Music FestFrom May 30 to June 13 we’ll be creating music for the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge, which features acoustic, singer/songwriter, and folk music. Submit pells, samples and remixes in this genre using the BIG Summer Music Fest upload forms.

There are two sets of upload forms for the BIG Summer Music Fest. One set will help build a ccPlus library here at ccMixter. This is completely optional! Read more about ccPlus HERE.

We hope you will join in this unique celebration of unity through musical diversity!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ccMixter Music for Your Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Create a romantic mood with ccMixter music. To listen with download links, we recommend listening here. We hope our music makes your day sensually delightful. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Bah Humbug with ccMixter's New Holiday Album "Season of "Gratitude"

The newest ccMixter release, Season of Gratitude, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and TuneTrack. This winter-holiday double-album is anything but traditional and has been called "a breath of fresh winter air for listeners weary of the same holiday tunes year after year."

The Season of Gratitude double album is a curation of the tracks from the ccMixter Gift of Song remix event of winter 2012, re-mastered by ccMixter artist Copperhead for optimum sound quality. The double album genre hops into pop, rock, electronica, funk, reggae, punk, and everything in between, and yet the collection is one enjoyable, cohesive listen.

Season of Gratitude A Sides and B Sides are both available on iTunes and Amazon.
Season of Gratitude by ccMixterSeason of Gratitude B Sides

For Green Room supporters of ccMixter on TuneTrack, Season of Gratitude A Sides and B Sides, and their accompanying artbooks, are available for download in the highest quality form. Blue Room Supporters will receive a double-album physical CD printed with soy-inks on 100% recycled cardstock with biodegradable shrink-wrap.

The Season of Gratitude double CD is also available at select locations in the Los Angeles area.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Summer Nights Secret Mixter

Sign-up to Mix and Be Remixed

"Press close, bare-bosomed Night! Press close, magnetic, nourishing Night! Night of south winds! Night of the large, few stars! Still, nodding Night! Mad, naked, Summer Night!" 
~Walt Whitman

Sign-up! Experience the sweet musical madness of this summer's secret mixter. Just remember to keep your remix assignment a secret until upload day.

Night Carnival by 4:13Studios CC-BY

Thursday, December 06, 2012

ccMixter & Jamendo Release Double Holiday Album

Check out The Best Time of the Year - A & B Sides!

ccMixter & Jamendo artists teamed up in 2011 to create holiday music together via internet remix culture with the 'Tis the Season Remix Project. With more than 100 original tracks in created in a couple of weeks, ccMixter & Jamendo paired songs together with two common themes -- the joy of the Christmas holiday season, and songs that take a different approach to the holidays.

The Best Time of the Year -  a special double release holiday album - was co-produced by Snowflake, Copperhead, Kara Square, Sackjo22 and go1dfish, artists on the ccMixter remix community, in cooperation with Nicole Maroutsos of Jamendo.

The A Sides on The Best Time of the Year are more straight-forward Christmas tracks, though most are originals. The B Sides are for those that may celebrate something different during the holidays, or perhaps don't really celebrate at all. Either way, there are songs everyone will love on these albums!
The Best Time of the Year albums are offered as free downloads in a variety of formats (including lossless).
The Best Time of the Year?
The project began in the ccMixter & Jamendo remix project, Tis The Season. Check out all of the great mixes from the project HERE!
Don't forget to check out the official press release!

Support ccMixter and get cool ccMixter Schwag by joining the Green, Blue or Purple Room. We hope you enjoy The Best Time of the Year double album.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Agent Blues Secret Mixter

Mix, and get Remixed, in Secret!

Agent Blues by Admiral Bob"Forget me not with September blues
Hide my face but play the truth."

With September comes the blue of Forget-me-not flowers and the blues of summer fading into fall. Secret agents don Anonymous masks and speak their beliefs. The equinox represents equality -- and balance of day and night, dark and light. Music touches all of these emotions, especially the blues! So tune your guitar, warm your vocal chords, sharpen your composition pen and get ready to cut and re-create!

You have through Sept 2 to sign up! Assignments will go out Sept 3 and upload day will be Sept 16.

Image "Agent Blues" by Admiral Bob licensed CC-BY.

Listen to the Flying Time Secret Mixter playlist for inspiration!