Thursday, November 29, 2018

Songs for the Holidays

If you’re looking for holiday music that has familiar tones mixed in with unique arrangements, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at ccMixter, we’ve created an extensive collection of winter season songs, some classic and some fresh off the sleigh, that are all available on your favorite listening platforms. Or you can listen to a curated playlist right here.

Each year, our editors curate holiday albums that are themed for the season. These collections are just some of the songs created by our community of artists. Even as I write this they are preparing to create this year’s holiday music in secret, during the Snow and Sleet Secret Mixter.

While you’re wrapping presents, decorating the tree, or relaxing by a fire, listen to ccMixter’s holiday music and put a little spice into your end of year celebrations!


Get Holiday Music here:

Are you searching for holiday and winter music for your film, game, video, advertisement, or other audio-visual creative project? Here are a couple special seasonal curations just for you!

Christmas & Winter Holiday Music (with Vocals)
Winter Instrumentals for Creative Projects

All of these tracks can be used for free for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is included. Here's how to attribute.  

Happy Holidays from ccMixter!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

‘Amplifiers’ Album Release Inspires Action At The Ballot Box

Today the ccMixter artist community rises up about its passion for a better world with the new album release ‘Amplifiers’ -- now available everywhere. 

At a time where politics divide people all over the world, this important collection of music is aimed to inspire humanity and compassion at the ballot box in the U.S. for the upcoming midterm elections.

‘Amplifiers’ features 13 genre-diverse tracks -- from Johnny-Cash-ish folk to electronic hardstyle, from 90s vibed alternative to upbeat hip-hop -- all aimed to energize awareness and unity in America and abroad.

Amplifiers’ was conceived by the ccMixter music community in a uniquely collaborative manner. Vocalists recorded and shared their original songs and poems, while instrumentalists shared their melodies, rhythms and stems, and producers in the community then created a long list of tracks built around common themes of political activism and hope. 

Michelle Denise Norton contributed the cover art by responding to ccMixter’s call for a volunteer visual artist. She used the playlist from the Amplifiers project as her inspiration. 

Just by listening, you amplify the possibility of a better future built on harmony -- for us all.

Find Amplifiers on iTunes, Bandcamp, Jamendo, and Spotify.


Check out the full press release HERE. And get out the vote! 

Friday, August 03, 2018

Ukulele Glue: New Album of Atypically Rousing Uke Tunes

Our community is proud to be part of a new album by Kara Square & ccMixter -- "Ukulele Glue." If you hear the word "ukulele" and think "Aloha" well, listening to this album will expand your mind through your ears -- and erase all of your preconceived island-uke notions.

Ukulele Glue is a rip-roaring sonic demonstration of the versatility of the ukulele -- from electro-pop to prog-rock, happy folk to deep house, world beat to chilled reggae. What is the glue that holds it all so perfectly together? The mighty, multifaceted ukulele.

With this song collection, Kara Square and a team of talented ccMixter cohorts around the world not only demonstrate the unifying inspiration of music, but also the power of open collaboration made possible by Creative Commons licenses.

A slew of killer ukulele stems contributed by Kara Square were the building blocks for this genre-hopping and mashing album that is sure to take you to an entirely new dimension. ccMixter producers, instrumentalists and songwriters all contributed to the creative process with their own mixes, stems and melodies. "Ukulele Glue" is a vibrant example of the universality of music and power of the commons.

This album features international artists that regularly contribute to the ccMixter community including: Spinningmerkaba, Unreal_DM, Stefan Kartenberg, Tobias Weber, Airtone, Piero Peluche, Reusenoise, Vidian, TheDICE, DJ Vadim, Jeris, and Siobhan Dakay.

Check out the playlist on ccMixter and follow the stems -- to perhaps your own remix, YouTube vid or new song entirely.

The collective quality of these energizing instrumental tracks is a must have for any party playlist, and yet, makes an inspiring critical listen while driving or in headphones. Get "Ukulele Glue" today!

Download on Bandcamp

Listen on Jamendo

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

CC Plus Royalties Donated to the Community

We’ve just earned $10,333.22 in royalties from ccPlus licensing!!!

For mixters who have chosen to opt into our ccPlus licensing program, we’ve recently made a payout of these royalties generated by use of their material in various online media productions. We are happy to announce that of those payments, ccMixter artists donated 27% of their earnings back to ccMixter! These donations help keep the community here alive and running, and we thank those artist who are contributing in this way. The music is keeping us inspired and the earnings are helping to make ccMixter not only a historic community of CC music artists, but a viable entity in the future of CC music as it continues to evolve and adapt.

Would you like to get involved, earn royalties, and support ccMixter? Learn more about ccPlus here! Are you ready to sign up? Email us!

Would you like to support ccMixter in a different way? Become a Patron and help make sure ccMixter is there for you and everybody else!

New Free To Share Songs From Adaptation

The Adaptation Remix Event brought in 53 mixes this Spring! Based on recommends and reviews from the community, Zep Hermes mix of Snowflake’s pell “Adaptation” was the most popular track. Congratulations, Zep! Your mix opens the door to a listening experience that includes the most cutting edge CC music being created in the world! Be sure to listen to this track and all the others in the Adaptation Playlist. We’re sure you’ll find your favorites in the mix.  Music that is free to download and share!

Prizes are also being awarded to Calyman and Speck for being the mixters most active in reviewing tracks as they were submitted. Listening to the mixes and providing meaningful feedback is a huge part of what makes our remix events worth participating in. And the t-shirts are a great look for the mixter who really gives it 110%.

Not that all of us aren't going all the way out to produce the art that is created here, it’s just at this moment in time, these mixters are in the limelight. Next time it could be….????

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Net Neutrality: A Vote on the Future of The Internet

Today's vote in the United States Senate is a decisive moment in the fight to protect Net Neutrality.  ccMixter thrives on an free and open network.  Sharing creative commons music is cutting edge, and relies on the ability of listeners to discover the experimental aspect of sharing culture.  You don't need telcom giants throttling your access to anything, especially art.  Fight for Net Neutrality!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Hanging Eleven with Blue Wave Theory

"Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory" is a twenty-song collection of remixes that not only bends the mind and ears with its range of genre diversity and production, but it also drops in on the waves of open sharing culture. How does this happen? It happens because collaboration breeds innovation.

In summer of 2016, this New Jersey based quartet was the featured artist for the “Ride the Wave Remix Event” within the global ccMixter music community. Talented artists from around the world created and produced dozens of outside-the-box remixes, which BWT later curated into Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory, a multi-genre release that is the group’s fourth.

Many of the remixes they picked feature vocals -- a first for Blue Wave Theory.  With the pells of Madam Snowflake, Kara Square, Sackjo22, and Forensic, and the production talent of remixers like Alex Beroza, Spinmeister, Bluemillenium and Platinum Butterfly, the album is filled with diversity while remaining true to the band’s roots.

Steve Rabeler, guitarist for Blue Wave Theory remarks, “I was amazed at how our surf rock instrumentals could be remixed, edited, and brilliantly incorporated into so many different styles and genres.”

If you're looking for a fresh take on a style of music that made surf culture a world wide phenomena, this album is a must have. Get it at ccMIxter's bandcamp page today.

Want to read more about this release? Snowflake's Tunetrack post gets you in the green room!

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