Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Spin's Picks: ccMixter Best of 2019

These are Spinningmerkaba's picks from the 1000's of uploads we received in 2019.  We all have our favorites, and a lot of them are right here in a playlist that is dynamic, user-friendly and free!  

Listen, Download and Share!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Ring in the Season with ccMixter's Atypical Holiday Albums

There's Music Under the Mistletoe

ccMixter has released hundreds of holiday themed remixes over the years, and many of them have been curated into digital albums that every winter, are seasonal hits.  Maybe that's because it's the time of giving, and ccMixter shares music freely under Creative Commons licenses. 

Maybe it's because ccMixter music is easily used in YouTube videos and other creative productions.  Or, maybe it's because our community puts a creative twist on the Christmas classics.  Whatever the reason,  ccMixter is happy to share with you music that is creating a tradition of its own.  

Click on the one of the album titles below to unwrap a collection of songs for your listening pleasure.  We love them all, and we're sure you will find something to treasure for years to come!

Still want more?  There are hundreds more winter holiday songs in our archives at Dig.ccmixter.org.  Search "holiday" or "Christmas" and find a Secret Santa surprise!

Happy Holidays from all of us at ccMixter.org!

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Endurance Secret Mixter

If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don’t let them interrupt or alter your song.
― Suzy Kassem

Through all of the good and bad notes, up and downloads, vibes and vibrations, Secret Mixters have captured our community — again and again. Remixing each other in secret, and exchanging on upload day, well, that conveys the spirit of sharing culture that is ccMixter. With the Endurance Secret Mixter, our users have produced 33 remixes for you to listen to, download and share.  
With the music created we’re celebrating 15 years of cc remix culture.

Guess what?  CcMixter continues to endure and thrive because of YOU!!!

Your financial support is what keeps ccMixter open and free. At this important 15 year milestone, will you please consider a monthly contribution to ccMixter’s Patreon account? And if you already give, it would be amazing if you could increase your monthly gift. Costs go up each year and we could really use your help!

Enjoy the music that is open and free to share.  Enjoy the music that endures.

Endurance Secret Mixter Playlist

Monday, November 11, 2019

Madam Snowfake: New Music for a New Earth

New Earth is ArtisTech Media's CEO and ccMixter artist Madam Snowflake's latest album release, featurning 12 songs she produced with Nico Fyve. New Earth is a calling for oneness, awakening, and climate justice.  For a taste, here is the video for one of the lush productions featured on this brilliant collection.

"The songs on this album give voice to the deep emotions in my heart," remarked Madam Snowflake. "Music has this way of reaching where words fail, and it is my great hope New Earth might spark a desire of change in those who listen -- to live in sustainable harmony."

New Earth is available online at all major locations including:
Madam Snowflake's Website

Read the full Press Release Here

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Perspective's Remixes It's Like Fall

Collaboration in the art world can often be a complicated affair.  Art is close to the heart of it's creators, and opinions on how it is displayed to the public can be intense.   So when we were offered the opportunity to provide music for the opening of Ventura Artists' Union's show "It's Like Fall" we were excited and hopeful that it would compliment the art in the gallery.  We are happy to inform you it did.

"I get it!" said artist union memeber Michael Swngler, "the music is created in collaboration and really fits the mood of the show.  Very cool!"

We'd like to thank Art City Studios and the Ventura Artists' Union for asking us to particitpate in this show.  Please visit there websites to see the art they curate.

You can listen to the music featured by going to the Perspectives Remix Event Playlist.  

This kind of collaboration is what we live for.  If you have an idea about how you'd like to work with us, give us a shout.

Art widens our Perspective.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch Release New Album

When starfrosch contacted us earlier this year to pitch the idea of running a "remix contest" around he and Jerry Spoon's track "Cold Ears," we were excited and a tad bit concerned.  ccMixter's community of remix artists are well known for collaboration in a non-competitive environment where ranking and judging generally do not inspire participation.  However, Starfrosch is a giant in the Creative Commons music world and a well-established ccMixter member.  His website is known as the home of the Hot 111.  It is dedicated to collecting data on music released under the licensing platform that allows legal sharing.  This is the same open licensing that ccMixter was created to showcase.  We realized that starfrosch's invitation was a way for us to expand our participation within the culture we've helped create, and we're proud to be a part of the latest release 'Absorbed.'

The 9 song release is solid electronica through and through.  Consistent sultry beats and expansive production give space and hypnotic groove a place to thrive in any atmosphere.   Track 7 is where ccMixter remix artist Dysfunction_AL makes an appearance with "Kalte Ohren" featuring the vocals of Kara Square.  Hats off to all involved in making this track fit seamlessly into the work Jerry and starfrosch produced.

'Absorbed' is a must add album to any collection.  It proves that ccmusic is a contender both in the world of netaudio and in the world of commercial music.  It's the story of collaboration, and its the pulse of our time.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp

Listen to the remix event 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Momentum Secret MIxter

Momentum in music happens when musicians inspire one another.  The creative sum is more than the individual talent.  Nothing sparks the fuel of inspiration like the secret mixter event.  Like this quote from Dave Matthews- "If I find something I like, I’ll chase it and see what comes out the other side,"  this secret mixter is no exceptio.  Twenty seven mixters chased the muse in secret, and uploaded some of the best music of the year. 

Garnering multiple Ed Picks, these mixes are artistic, catchy, and edgy in ways that represent the talent in our community.  You can download them or stream them in a playlist.  You can get the source and make your own versions.  Each action you take builds the momentum.

This music rocks Newton's Cradle and more.  It rocks the model of shared source as a way to create original sound. 

Get the Momentum here.