Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hope for the Holidays Remix Event

Raise your Voice in Song for Hope

As the winter holidays approach, much of the world prepares for traditional celebrations. ccMixter has an annual winter tradition of its own: our holiday remix event.

Artists on ccMixter are invited to share original and traditional, holiday and seasonal pells, samples, and remixes. With so much heart-wrenching turmoil and conflict all around us, we encourage a focus on HOPE for this year’s holiday event.

The ccMixter musical community of collaboration and sharing is built upon unity, harmony, inclusivity, and generosity… together we will create music that expresses our collective sentiments with the world!

To learn more about the Hope for the Holidays Remix Event, visit this ccMixter forum post. Click to listen to PELLS, SAMPLES AND REMIXES.

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. ~Jonas Salk

Sunday, April 10, 2016

May Day Secret Mixter

Answer the Distress Call by Creating New Music -

May Day Secret Mixter
May Day! This term is not only a distress call, but May Day is also a holiday that celebrates the emergence of spring, flowers and new life.

From our founder and inspiration Lawrence Lessig, "May Day is a word used to signal distress and call for aid, and ironically also an ancient festival that celebrates the emergence of new life each spring. At a time when there is rampant corruption in governments around the world, we are answering the current call of distress by creating change and new possibilities from the grassroots at We are thrilled the global community at is sharing awareness through its creativity in the May Day Secret Mixter."

But what happens when old systems of corruption are rooted out? Well, new life is suddenly made possible. And THAT is what the May Day Secret Mixter is all about. 

So Mixters, let’s make some great music! Music that not only addresses the May Day distress call, BUT music (in secret!) that celebrates the emergence of new life and new possibilities.

The details? Sign-up through April 23 and your assignment will be emailed to you April 24 when remixing begins. Upload day is May 8 -- and block out the day to listen. Yes, you'll want to listen all day!

Read about the rules of the May Day Secret Mixter HERE.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dig the Soundtrack Remix Event

Instrumental Music for Web Videos at ccMixter

dig the soundtrackccMixter music is found in over one million web videos. Yep. One million! Videomakers find free music for their web-vids on -- and ccMixter wants to give them even more musical options.

ccMixter's instrumenntal music library is a valuable resource for creators around the world. And it can be used freely -- just by giving the artists credit and following the Creative Commons license terms.

The Dig the Soundtrack remix event aims to grow ccMixter instrumental offerings for film and videomakers, build the roster of ccPlus artists, and educate videomakers on how to Attribute and properly use ccMixter music.

Tubed BY You was a ccMixter event in 2011 that generated music for film and video. With Dig the Soundtrack, even more ccMixter music for videos and films will be created, with more Mixters having the opportunity to be included.

Mixters are encouraged to remix DJ Vadim AND submit their own original samples, pells, and remixes, with an emphasis on instrumentals. 

For those interested in the opportunity to receive a portion of advertising revenue when your music is used in a monetized video, email ccMixter Admins to sign up for ccPlus.

Uploads for Dig the Soundtrack will be accepted through March 20.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dig it: You Already Have Permission

The ccMixter admin team has been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade the pathways you need to get the music you want.  Most of you already know, "You already have permission."  Now, with that permission, comes easier access and searching capabilities for you, the listener.  At ccMixter, we're breaking down the barriers to entry, not putting them up.  It's always been that way.  No logins, no fees.  Just the best cutting edge remix music in the world.

It's frustrating trying to find that perfect song for your video, your playlist, podcast, or shout out.  It can take hours and hours of searching, and most sites want your information more than they want to provide the song you need.  That's why we've updated our search and download UI, for mixes, pells, and samples.  Now more than ever, it's easy to quickly find a creative commons (cc) licensed track that you can download immediately and get on with your next move.

As a remix artist, I know.  I've spent countless nights searching for that one sound, that one melody or bed track for podcasts and mixes I produce.  Eyes watering, and back aching until the right track is uncovered.  That's how I discovered ccMixter and I've been here ever since. ccMixter has great experimental selections, blues, jazz, and instrumental remixes that brought me back time and again for what I needed.  Then I started giving back, with my own creations.

That's what this creative commons cultural revolution is all about.  Discovering and rediscovering the power of new music.  So try out the new tools and get back with us.  We want to make it even easier for you to get the right track, to get in the mix, and to share it with the world.  

You already have permission!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Call for Remixes: Music for Healing

Remixers and producers! It is time to remix for the Music for Healing Project.  What should you remix? Well, dozens of new vocals and samples from ccMixter and University of Utah students, doctors, faculty, and alumni have been contributed -- ready for your production magic. #music4healing

Click on the links below to listen to the stems submitted so far:



Remixing officially begins on March 10th and will finish on March 31st, but remixes are already coming in! Check some of our favorites so far below.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ccMixter Launches Music for Healing Remix Project

Music for Healing is excited to share that our Music for Healing remix project begins today!  Together with the University of Utah Schools of Medicine, Music, Business, and their Library, and Entrepreneur Institute, we will create a new collection of music that focuses on healing and supporting patients and their families.

Uploading of spoken word, a cappella and choral voice, instrumentals, classical arrangements, and field recordings of nature for will take place February 17-March 10.  Remixing will take place March 10-31.  Remixes must include stems from University of Utah contributors to be considered for curations and prizes.

Read the Press Release:

Visit the Music for Healing page on for more information:

Converse with other contributors in the ccMixter forums:

Support Music for Healing and with a donation:

Monday, October 20, 2014

ccMixter's Community Favorites: What's Yours?

Sharing Favorite Tracks Earns $ for ccMixter

Musicians have been co-creating music at ccMixter for an entire decade. Right now artists are selecting a few all-time favorites and we're all rediscovering the incredible music at ccMixter. Music moves us in ways we can't describe.

Check out the developing playlist!

For every favorite track shared on the ccMixter Forums an anonyous donor contributes $5 to ccMixter's IndieGogo fundraiser.

Post your favorite track -- help us keep ccMixter open and free.