Friday, May 15, 2009

loveshadow+songboy3 vs. fourstones

Look who I found trolling the streets of Greenwich Village - none other than Loveshadow, direct from the UK via a video shoot in Philadelphia, who popped into the city just to hang with his muse Songboy3 who trained in from Queens, with me in the role of tag-a-long. My job tonight was to get out of the way of the love-fest between these two, who had never met before tonight. Hugs, kisses, pizza, more pizza, beer, more beer with a little bit of discussion about the future of the music business but mainly taking shots at me, which I was happy to absorb if it meant hanging with these two.

Love's in town for a quick 36 hours so we quickly put together a night of festivities with Frank (Songboy3) at world famous John's on Bleeker followed by coffee and cookies at Rocco's. But the location and the food hardly mattered as it was all about the personalities. These two are exactly as you might imagine - Loveshadow is witty, sharp and doesn't give an inch, Frank is open with a laugh that could solve all the world's problems.

In case you don't know what all the excitement is about, Loveshadow and Frank are perhaps the most successful pairing of producer and singer that ccMixter has ever produced, both in terms of artistry and popularity. Here's a dynamic playlist of the work they did "together":


Gurdonark said...

Sounds like great fun--and I agree, these two are extremely good.

teru said...

Good timing. : )

Anonymous said...

let's have a ccMixter party somewhere so we can all meet...we could each spin/play for an hour and go all weekend long! :D


MC Jack in the Box said...

wow, very cool!

Songboy3 said...

Man, Friday night, May 15th, 2009, was a dream come true! I got to chill with the Godfather of, his lovely wife, Cindy and the music man himself, Loveshadow!!! For a guy who has done so much, Fourstones is a very humble brother. Self-effacing should be his middle name! I'm sure that's just one of the many things that makes him so cool!

I gotta say, Vic - I had a fantastic time!!! I wish I could have caught y'all up that Saturday - You, Cindy & Jeff would have gotten a chance to meet my girls.

And meeting Loveshadow - the closest analogy I can come up with would be how it feel meeting Prince or MJ and them not being *ssholes! Loveshadow is funny, smart, crude (LOLOLOL!) and just the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with who just happens to be a musical genius!

BTW, Vic - I'm still interested in you managing Loveshadow & me. All I ask is just that you don't give ALL our money and publishing away! Jeff & I have kids to feed!

All in all, I just want to thank you, Cindy & Jeff for including me. I owe you guys (& lady) BIG!!!!