Friday, May 15, 2009

St Nikkelbag - Clarance Boddyker

Check out the new release from Clarance Boddyker and other hip-hop heavies from mixter. Great job guys. : )

A frequent collaborator and contributer to the CC Mixter remixer community website, this album was made by recording rap a capellas in New York City and Manila and emailing and posting the pells on CC Mixter. From there and over the next 4 years, CC Mixter musicians and producers from all over the world swapped the pells over email and created music, remixing the original pells Clarance posted on the CCM site. In the end, after producing the album via email wholly with executive producers Hi Stakes and soulSIDIOUS and several CCM producers, Clarance selected the best tracks from 4 years of CC Mixter posted remixes based on his pells and Saint Nikkelbag was born.

Oh yeah - NSFW.

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Thanks for the pub, teru!