Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Call for Remixes - Kutiman Interview

Our super-excellent friends at Spark on CBC Radio recently interviewed the amazing Kutiman (wiki) and are seeking remixes to play on the air next week.

Here’s the deal: D/L yourself a copy of the interview (here) Cut out the parts you enjoy most. Mix in a bit of Creative Commons music or sound effects, or whatever else you have the license to remix, and send it back. The best remix gets on the show next week, and the winner scores an ever fashionable Spark Grocery Bag.
Remixes are requested to be 1 minute in length. Upload it to ccM + send an email to Spark with a link to your remix. The deadline is April 6th. The show will air April 8th.

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MC Jack in the Box said...

haha, completely unrelated but i just noticed what had to be teru's new super cool banner ad for the cool music show down in the right sidebar. thanks d00d! love it!