Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CC Takes it all Back

***big thanks to VS for the April Fools prank. : )

Lawyers at CC have just discovered that through some arcane configuration of tax-exempt contribution laws, Microsoft who gave its latest 6 figure donation to CC passed a legal threshold and is now claiming ownership all content on CC sites - eventually every upload at ccmixter will be retroactively, 100% owned by Microsoft.

As of 3:00 PM today all downloads on ccM will now be required to include Windows Media DRM and will be made available through starting from $2.50 per download. Uploads will now require Microsoft Remix Certification, which can be obtained through a $600 license fee, which can be renewed annually.

Please read this important Press Release.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say I heard this news yesterday and I am psyched - been coding away furiously at the changes needed for this.

I can't get into detail right now but I'm writing up my thoughts in a short (240 pg) PDF that I'm assuming everybody will read ('required' is a strong word but I think it applies).

spinmeister said...

I couldn't be happier. and will now be exclusively remixing using Microsoft's delightful Songsmith software, which will rock you.