Friday, January 23, 2009

Kathrin in Sydney

Had a chance to finally see Kathrin (previously blogged here) perform last night in a small bar/club in downtown Sydney last night. She's in town doing some recording and graciously invited Cindy and I down to the show. Her DJ's PC equipment had blown up during the day and they never got it fixed, so the entire show was cobbled together with bits and snippets that were left lying around inside the sampler and on vinyl. Kathrin has a heavy background in jazz and at several points in the show it was her scatting (authentically!) to just a the barest of funk beats. The crowd was a typical indifferent Friday night bar crowd at the beginning of the show but by the end they were all on their feet massed around the the musicians, dancing and screaming for more.

About halfway through the set I turned to Cin and said, "You know, I think I may have been lying every other time I've ever complimented music." It was a PERFECT night of music. Amazing.

(Pictured: Cindy, on the left, and Kathrin run outside into the humid street where it was record-setting heat, to escape the furnace temperatures inside.)

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teru said...

Cool. Thanks for posting.

Still snow on the ground here but hey you keep enjoying yourself, it's not like any of us are jealous or anything. ; )