Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ben Dawson & Kathrin deBoer

Had a flipping great day hanging out with Ben from DJ Vadim's crew. He's the guy behind all the great BBE music in the Commons. Ben is working on expanding the One Self idea onto the Web and it sounds like his web site for DJs and recording artists will have great synergy with ccM.

At dinner we hooked up with some friends, one of which turned out to be the amazing Kathrin deBoer. We had a fascinating conversation where I learned that she had heard a few of the remixes and was freaked about bad synch and key issues. After that she just stopped listening. This was a disappointment because I remembered several "Black is the Night" remixes that rocked my world. I promised her that I would compile a list of remixes I thought would, well, blow her away and I've started that here. If there's any ones I've missed let me know because I'll be sending off the playlist to her.

Once that's done I'm pretty sure it's a short step to get her to upload some of her awesome belleruche pells.


spinmeister said...

Katherin deBoer is a classic example of why I feel that attribution maybe should get more attention across generations of remixes in the CC world. When I heard Black is the Night for the first time, I was quite floored by it, but it took me quite some digging to find who that great voice was. Or did I just miss something obvious?

In any case let it be known here, that I agree: she's great!

fourstones said...

Technically speaking attribution across generations of remixes is not different in the "CC world" as the ARR world: you attribute the music you use according to the agreement between you and entity that owns the music you are sampling.

The sexy reason that you had trouble digging out Kathrin as the vocalist is because BBE, the owner of the track she sings on, wanted to draw more attention to the overall project (DJ Vadim's Soundcatcher) which was their source of revenue.

The un-sexy reason is because I got overwhelmed with all the things needed to be done when hoisting that promotion (including posting dozens of tracks) and went with the minimum, legally required attribution and left her name out of the description field.

teru said...

Wow. You've had a busy London schedule. :)

fourstones said...

I have to say, it was really a highlight of my life, I feel very lucky right about now.