Monday, January 26, 2009

Surfs Up Scomber!

Musician, entrepreneur, reluctant musical-theater buff, surfer - it's scomber!

Got a chance to get together with scomber the other day in downtown Sydney, it was great that he could find his way in from the suburbs - which around here means the best beach communities imaginable. He's the perfect example of someone who's succeeded by staying half a step in front of the rest of us. Lucky for us his latest passion (when he's not cutting up the waves) is ccM.

I have to say, I love hanging with musicians who "get it" - it was quite the love-fest, a lot of "Yea! Right??" We had a great talk (or more like, I talked, I interrupted, I talked some more...) and the good news is that we saved the world. One curl at a time.

The night before I went to the first "arena" concert I'd been to in over 20 years - Neil Young (who couldn't have been better, totally great) with opening act, our very own My Morning Jacket (who maybe couldn't have been better but it wasn't quite my cupotea.)


teru said...

Holy Mackerel

Scottaltham said...

Ah so you are a real man Scomber and not a plastic doll as you made me believe? ;-)