Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your Spins - online remixing

I found this interesting and educational from a mixing perspective. It is not CC licensed. Be warned.

Your Spins is a online remixing site which lets users make basic remixes online and post them back on the site. There are many big name artists and some pretty sweet tracks.

For example check out Coldcut's single Walk a Mile in My Shoes. You can use the sliders to increase/decrease the volume of each part. You can isolate the vocal track or guitars or drums etc.... and listen to each separately or together. It's like sitting behind the mixing console. But remember all the music on the site is copyrighted so don't be getting any ideas of using these outside of this site.


fourstones said...

these guys stopped by our house a while back.

teru said...

Wow. Good memory. : )

fourstones said...

heh, it's called 'google' ;) I looked up digimpro (the name of the company) and there was ccMixter in the top 10 results. also the guy that "invented" their technology.

I think this is the jamglue and splice dream situation - a flash remixer with a major management partnership to allow fans to hork around with music. It's the music equivalent of fan fiction

teru said...

"google"? Never heard of it.

Seriously though, I can't help but be impressed with this "technology". I can totally see full length albums being released like this. How cool would it be to have a Led Zep album like this ?

fourstones said...

just to be clear I don't think any serious art can come of this - just imo, could easily proven wrong with some patient perusal of their site.

but it's a win for the fans who get to play around with their hero's tracks

it's a win for the artist who get to please their fans and get link backs to the remixes

it's a huge (old school) win for management who get to control the 'remixes' by never allowing downloads of the solo tracks or the remixes themselves and only release them through a lo-fi flash player or media player plugins

and finally it's a cash win for digimpro who license the whole bundle to that management firm.