Friday, March 21, 2008


In case you haven't come across it yet. The good folks at Yahoo have made an excellent flash player for streaming music.

Easylistener is a Flash music player which can literally play any page on the web. And it's a neat and easy way to share ccM playlists.

For example, for the playlist below I used the playlist page as the url:

The Easylistener Code Creator did the rest. : )

Playlist by sderry.


gurdonark said...

Cool! I can use this in so many ways.

Also, I love the new look of the weblog.

teru said...

Thanks. Spring cleaning. : )

fourstones said...

I have the code to integrate this into 'publicize' but can't check it in until I set up my system properly (CC moved the ccHost to a different server and I'm behind the times on making the switch over)

Also tried to make the Y! player work but it's incompatible with the way publicize works (our fault, not Yahoo's)

Lucas Gonze said...

That's William White's answer to Fabricio Zuardi's player. The screen scraper is actually the same Javascript and backed used in

Point of history: the backend was a rewrite of the old Webjay playthispage service, which William coded when we were moving Webjay onto the Yahoo stack.