Monday, March 24, 2008

Celemony Melodyne - Direct Note Access

Direct Note Access is being described as a mind blowing step forward in polyphonic audio manipulation. If you haven't seen it yet at Create Digital Music or Music Thing. Seeing is believing.

The first video is the company promo video. The second is a presentation by creator Peter Neub├Ącker.


fourstones said...

get ready for a billion extracted pells ;)

spinmeister said...

if that actually works as advertised in real life tracks, rather than only in carefully pre-manipulated clean-room demo settings, it will be one of the most astounding breakthroughs in audio recognition and manipulation.

I've wished quite a few times that I could mess with premixed harmonies on ccMixter to either pitch correct or to change chord progressions.

I'll likely be one of the early adopters.

Gurdonark said...

This sounds like fun software--not only could it be amazing to do what it is intended to do, but all sorts of amazing options to use it "outside the box" could be available. Good video, too--sometimes the best way to sell something is to let someone just explain what they are trying to do.