Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best of 2006?

A guy who goes by the handle Investigata posted a top netlabel and CC releases list for 2006. I think that this way of doing recommendations is great for everybody involved, so I'm reblogging his list and thinking about my own.

Anybody have favorites for the year that you'd like to post?


Gurdonark said...

Thank you for pointing this list out. I am pleased to see that Lezrod's "Data Transfer" made this top 10 list, as that album contains a song on which he and I collaborated, "Final Dub".

I don't have a "top" list, but here is a list of five good 2006 free netreleases I have really enjoyed:

Psonikadia, "state of bliss", on Earland:

Psonikadia uses the tools of IDM to make a kind of ambient downtempo minimal techno-beat which is melodic and satisfying.

Caul, "Apophasis", on Darkwinter

"Aphophasis" uses a dark ambient soundscape to tell a sonic story which is remarkably thoughtful and uplifting, even without lyrics.

Verian Thomas, "Miniatures", on Negative Sound Institute (bias: I am one of the persons who runs this netlabel)

"Miniatures" is a lovely bit of guitar ambience--constructed melodic short pieces on a single, rather bandaged, telecaster.

Phoebus: "Bright Lights", on
Phoebus straddles the borders of ambience and more direct traditional melody, and on this album puts together some memorable
songs that those not enamoured of ambient may yet love. I love ambience, of course, so for me it's a bonus round.

Jfox, "Experimental Compositions 3", on

This quiet, minimalist ambient piece is the perfect accompaniment to a morning hike.

BjornW said...

Great idea. I've posted my favorites of the moment at:

Enjoy ze musica!