Friday, December 22, 2006

Playing the Field

It's hard to conceptualize another remix contest, when the wonderful tracks by Christopher Willits grace the mixter right now. I love a lot of the mixes in the new contest I've heard, and hats off to everyone.

Yet a new remix contest with a January 5 deadline over at Wandering Ear Dot Com caught my attention.

It's got a fun premise--14 wonderful field recording samples are the source material for the remix. But here's the kicker--the finished remix can mix, morph and mangle those samples, but can only use the supplied samples. No drum machine, no guitar solo, no extraneous loops. Of course, the samples are CC, so there's nothing to stop doing those fun things at the mixter.

Nice little math problem. I'm going to give that one a go, as soon as I can play with how to make Mr. Willits' wonderful colors shift in a Gurdonark way (break out the UV blocking glasses), but I'll bet some of you really great mixters can generate surprising and nimble songs from the most field-recording-like sources. I hope that some of you will play, because it sounds like fun.

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