Friday, September 08, 2006

ccHost 3.0 is Released

We just released 3.0 of the *cough*award winning*cough* ccHost (download here) with Jon's new international support lots of other cool stuff.

I'll be updating ccMixter later this morning (so fasten your seatbelts lol)

A huge thanks to Jon for lots of late nights the last few weeks.



Marco Raaphorst said...

great! good news.

teru said...

I'm guessing this a update where we can't see the changes.

Thanks Jon and Victor. I appreciate what you do. Even though I can't even begin to understand what you do. ;)

Holger Dors said...

I'm trying to contact the site admin due to some problems with the german translation, but the contact form just spits out

"Down for upgrade, check back soon

Troubleshooting new installations"

when it's done.

Any idea what's wrong?