Thursday, September 07, 2006

Live Music Archive on

As far as open music, has anyone ever checked out the insane number of live shows accessible in the live music archive within It's dominated by the....uh...."jam" bands like String Cheese Incident (939 shows), Umphrey's McGee (700 shows), and Keller Williams (436 shows), not to mention the Grateful Dead (at 2,854 shows). However, I noticed there are performances from artists to suit other tastes on there too, like Death Cab for Cutie (34 shows), Robyn Hitchcock (18 shows), and Jack Johnson (107 shows). Anyway, if you occasionally like listening to live stuff, there are a bazillion shows on there to stream or download (not remix unfortunately, although I'd think a lot of these bands would give permission if asked). I think it is definitely worthwhile to scan the list for artists you like (and just to be amused at the incredible variety of band names). Here's a link

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teru said...

Very cool. The page isn't loading for me right now but I'm sure it's a problem on my end. I'd been there before but I didn't notice the names you pointed out. I'll bookmark this for later. Thanks : )