Friday, September 08, 2006

I Am Ooooooooold

Someone needs to explain to me how this guy is doing this.

"made a little composition here using ableton live, 3 midi controllers and the Rodec scratchbox. The EFX inserts of the Rodec scratch mixer enables me to use ableton as an efx unit, drum machine and loop station"

um, I don't even see a PC in his rig! lol



teru said...

Not to be snarky but I think that's a G4 on the right edge of the screen.

He triggers it with his foot when he first walks in. I gotta go find some wire cutters now. : )

Grant Robertson said...

You can see a laptop in the area that is a bit overbright.. near the window, to the DJ's right.

That is pretty amazing, nice find.

PatChilla said...

Great vid. IMO a skilled DJ/turntablist can be mentioned in the same breath with the other masters of modern day musicianship.

These guys are awesome one man bands minus the back strapped bass drum and the knee cymbals :)