Saturday, April 29, 2006

Plug-in ideas

Hi everyone:

I do most of my work using stand-alone softsynths, notation programs and samplers.
Lately, though, I'm moving into the late 1990s or so by doing a lot more with plug-ins.

I enjoy, which really is a comprehensive source for hosts, softsynths and effects. But sometimes there the forest is sufficiently thick with trees that I like to seek out other resources.

So I ask the people here, who do great work, know much, and understand all--

Have you seen any great freeware or reasonably priced shareware plug-in effects that envelop a file with a really cool shimmer, drone or beauty? Lately, I seem to play a lot with the byrd-xandar and xciter4, when I am not using the magix flanger, but
I know there must be scads of great plug-in fx out there that someone has run into, and thus put the word out here to ask if anyone has any fun ones.


teru said...

Wanted to post that I wish I had an answer. :)

Gurdonark said...

Thanks, Teru. I have been stocking up new plugs this week, but I still haven't found the perfect shimmering envelope to turn my odd sounds into pure perfection. But I'll keep trying!

Marco Raaphorst said...

I have bought a few of those Audio Damage plugins. Ronin might be cool because it has some interesting delay-filter which is really interesting.

You're not using Reason? I do, and you can create your own effects using the Combinator which is very nice. Time consuming, but nice :)

Good luck!

Gurdonark said...

Thanks for the tip, Marco. one of these days I'll spend the money to buy Reason. It looks so comprehensive, though, I'll have to find a book called "reason for dummies" just to use it.

gurdonark said...

Hey, Marco--sure enough, that place you mentioned had a great freeware fuzzbox that has already proven handy!

Ran Dumb Dots said...

There is a plug-in called SuperEel2 that I've just played with a time or two by using FL Studio's function that just sets plug-in controls randomly. It can produce some odd & unexpected effects, and may be worth checking out. Here's a link: