Friday, April 28, 2006



I know it shouldn't effect the way I listen to stuff but it does. I thought of going in and balancing out the low ratings but it seems pointless and frustrating. 'Carpet bombing' fives is not a good solution IMO. I'm probably not the only one who feels this way. So the 'haters' win. Please tell me I'm wrong.

*Not knocking Admin. You're doing more than your part. It must be APITA for you.

On the plus side, I read in forums there's 300 entries for the FM contest now. Woo-hoo/poor M. Shinoda.

Thoughts? Anyone.


fourstones said...

For the last (approx) 2,000 ratings:

AVG: 3.849725
1: 92
2: 196
3: 361
4: 626
5: 728

Would you beleive me if I told you that at this point dealing with the complaining about the ratings takes about 100x more effort than banning or undoing a carpet bomb? But I'm not complaining about the complaining ... ;)

teru said...

Yeah well we gotta bitch about something. ; )

"Would you beleive me if I told you that at this point dealing with the complaining about the ratings takes about 100x more effort than banning or undoing a carpet bomb?"

Then my work here is done. : P

ps - sorry

gurdonark said...

Even thought I now get routinely a 1, perhaps from the same soul each time, near as I can tell, I find that people who like my music like it even if some of it gets rated with 3 "5s", 1 "4" and 1 "1" rather than all "5s" and "4s".

I personally would give me a "1" for even trying a Fort Minor remix, though, so it all works out.

I'll have to go through my work now, and see what % of the 92 I have gotten. Perhaps I am the "1" king of the mixter.

The board works fine. The ratings aren't broken. The sense of community we achieve here is not going to be dependent on ratings.
If we make ratings too important--in either direction--then the trolls have the potential to matter, which they don't.

It's just part of any board that there will be some soul who imagines there is only one true music (sometimes a rather old-fashioned form of hip hop, but sometimes rock or ambient or techno or pop or what have you), and must share that work with a crusade fervor that accurately predicts either record-store ownership or mid-life entry into the pentecostal ministry.

fourstones said...

honestly, teru, it's not a problem and clearly there's something up with ratings because people have this pretty crazy notion about their own ratings.

Example: here's gurdonark's ratings:

1: 5
2: 11
3: 18
4: 56
5: 99

The "1" king?

gurdonark said...

only 5 one rankings! That's a good lesson for me, to further emphasize not to get worked up over such things--especially when I get more 5s than I deserve. It's good to see the breakdown. Thanks, Victor.

teru said...

Thanks Victor.

I know you know, but my concern here is with the new people who may get the 'hater' treatment from the the get-go. For guys like Gurdonark & I, I think we know the site well enough to know the general atmosphere of the community so ratings are not really a big deal. It's not like we're going to stop uploading stuff. : )

As you mentioned a while back, we should all try to support the newcomers who impress us. Not only with remixes but with comments and ratings too.

It must suck being welcomed to the site with a 1 or 2 rating that's not deserved.