Tuesday, May 02, 2006

World Music under CC

I am working with a TV-producer here in Holland and we're trying to create a new crossed-media program, so for traditional TV as well as online streaming-video.

We're not sure at the moment if we will succeed, we're trying to find funding right now. But I want this to happen, so I give it a 90% chance :)

I can't give you all details about this program but it will be multicultural. So I was thinking to create a leader which is like a mix of styles of different cultures but I was also thinking about using some small snippets of music for these programs. We can't play whole songs (no time), but I guess with a few smart tricks this might work. We want the images and music to blend.

But I don't want to use any 'All rights reserved music' for this program. None, zero! Only CC, open content music. A by-nc license for example shouldn't be a problem.

So... where can I find this music? I found some exotic music at ccMixter but I want more and more traditional stuff. Music from Mali, good Rai music etc.

Would be great for DiSfish as well of course :)

Any ideas?

photo by flykr


teru said...

Obvious but how about Magnatune? They've got a wide array of world music.

Marco Raaphorst said...

I will look into that. Thanks!

teru said...

Hey Marco check this out too.


Gurdonark said...


Check out Salam--Senegalese folk music.


Gurdonark said...

oh, the URL:

Marco Raaphorst said...

thanks guys. I del.icio.us-ed them :)

BjornW said...

Teru, Marco

Especially check Dijous Paella...this song started the summer for me ;)