Friday, August 03, 2018

Ukulele Glue: New Album of Atypically Rousing Uke Tunes

Our community is proud to be part of a new album by Kara Square & ccMixter -- "Ukulele Glue." If you hear the word "ukulele" and think "Aloha" well, listening to this album will expand your mind through your ears -- and erase all of your preconceived island-uke notions.

Ukulele Glue is a rip-roaring sonic demonstration of the versatility of the ukulele -- from electro-pop to prog-rock, happy folk to deep house, world beat to chilled reggae. What is the glue that holds it all so perfectly together? The mighty, multifaceted ukulele.

With this song collection, Kara Square and a team of talented ccMixter cohorts around the world not only demonstrate the unifying inspiration of music, but also the power of open collaboration made possible by Creative Commons licenses.

A slew of killer ukulele stems contributed by Kara Square were the building blocks for this genre-hopping and mashing album that is sure to take you to an entirely new dimension. ccMixter producers, instrumentalists and songwriters all contributed to the creative process with their own mixes, stems and melodies. "Ukulele Glue" is a vibrant example of the universality of music and power of the commons.

This album features international artists that regularly contribute to the ccMixter community including: Spinningmerkaba, Unreal_DM, Stefan Kartenberg, Tobias Weber, Airtone, Piero Peluche, Reusenoise, Vidian, TheDICE, DJ Vadim, Jeris, and Siobhan Dakay.

Check out the playlist on ccMixter and follow the stems -- to perhaps your own remix, YouTube vid or new song entirely.

The collective quality of these energizing instrumental tracks is a must have for any party playlist, and yet, makes an inspiring critical listen while driving or in headphones. Get "Ukulele Glue" today!

Download on Bandcamp

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