Wednesday, June 13, 2018

CC Plus Royalties Donated to the Community

We’ve just earned $10,333.22 in royalties from ccPlus licensing!!!

For mixters who have chosen to opt into our ccPlus licensing program, we’ve recently made a payout of these royalties generated by use of their material in various online media productions. We are happy to announce that of those payments, ccMixter artists donated 27% of their earnings back to ccMixter! These donations help keep the community here alive and running, and we thank those artist who are contributing in this way. The music is keeping us inspired and the earnings are helping to make ccMixter not only a historic community of CC music artists, but a viable entity in the future of CC music as it continues to evolve and adapt.

Would you like to get involved, earn royalties, and support ccMixter? Learn more about ccPlus here! Are you ready to sign up? Email us!

Would you like to support ccMixter in a different way? Become a Patron and help make sure ccMixter is there for you and everybody else!

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