Thursday, August 10, 2017

CcMixter and Jamendo Rekindle Relationship

Royalty Free Curation Released on Jamendo Features Best Instrumental Tracks for Video.

The appetite for new music is growing with each video producer hungry for source material to use in their creations.  To feed that demand, ccMixter  has released Best Instrumentals for Video, the first in a series of curations culled from the over 44 thousand original remixes in the vaults.  The 20 song collection of royalty free music is available now at  Listen to it here.

CcMixter chose to feature these tracks because of their popularity on YouTube.  These tasty remixes are what producers are looking for, and they keep coming back for more. Releasing them as a collection on Jamendo made perfect sense.  Jamendo and ccMixter have worked together in the net audio space since the beginning, expanding the availability of independent music released under Creative Commons license.  

"We're excited to be releasing these curations with Jamendo," says Emily Richards, founder and CEO of ArtisTech Media.  "This next chapter in our relationship benefits us all, especially the musicians who created the remixes we're sharing with the world."  ArtisTech Media operates and  Both Jamendo and ArtisTech have ushered in platforms for artists to generate revenue from their works.  So when a producer needs a license, they are able to purchase one that will cover the use.  This is especially important for commercial use, and also for attribution.

With Jamendo, creative commons remix is on the menu in six languages to over 3 million members, and more curations are on the way.  Thanks to Jamendo we're meeting the demand for royalty free music, and we'll keep 'em coming back for more. 

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