Thursday, June 29, 2017

Remix Net Neutrality-The FMA Sample Pack

If you don't pay attention, and make some noise, Telcom companies will restrict your internet access even more by creating a tier-based connection systems.  That would give big money players legal right to limit what you have access to.  How? By giving priority to those who pay more, ISP's will effectively shut down the Unicorns, the Cats, Willy Wonka, and even Morpheus by slowing down the access to them.  Why?  Because innovation isn't as cool as regulation.  It's called Net Neutrality folks, and the rabbit hole goes deep. 

Luckily, we've got friends who stand up to these ISP agents.  Friends like Kickstarter, Netflix, Reddit, Greenpeace, Amazon, and our friends at the Free Music Archive.  Free Music keeps the beat of the free internet.

So we contacted Cheyenne, one of the Free Music Archive (FMA) overlords, and asked her if the FMA would be willing to create a playlist of samples to use in Creative Commons remixes for Net Neutrality, and she said yes!  It's available now as a .zip file at the FMA's ccmixter page.  The FMA's sample pack features excerpts from a podcast they recorded with Michael Weinberg, formerly of Public Knowledge.  It's tasty stuff for remixing, so jack in and help us protect our network!

We'll be posting mixes from out twitter account @ccmixtermusic and we're using the hashtags #battleforthenet and #netneutrality.  Please do the same and share the music.  Slowing down the tempo is cool, but slowing down our internet connections is not.  

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