Sunday, April 10, 2016

May Day Secret Mixter

Answer the Distress Call by Creating New Music -

May Day Secret Mixter
May Day! This term is not only a distress call, but May Day is also a holiday that celebrates the emergence of spring, flowers and new life.

From our founder and inspiration Lawrence Lessig, "May Day is a word used to signal distress and call for aid, and ironically also an ancient festival that celebrates the emergence of new life each spring. At a time when there is rampant corruption in governments around the world, we are answering the current call of distress by creating change and new possibilities from the grassroots at We are thrilled the global community at is sharing awareness through its creativity in the May Day Secret Mixter."

But what happens when old systems of corruption are rooted out? Well, new life is suddenly made possible. And THAT is what the May Day Secret Mixter is all about. 

So Mixters, let’s make some great music! Music that not only addresses the May Day distress call, BUT music (in secret!) that celebrates the emergence of new life and new possibilities.

The details? Sign-up through April 23 and your assignment will be emailed to you April 24 when remixing begins. Upload day is May 8 -- and block out the day to listen. Yes, you'll want to listen all day!

Read about the rules of the May Day Secret Mixter HERE.

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