Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dig the Soundtrack Remix Event

Instrumental Music for Web Videos at ccMixter

dig the soundtrackccMixter music is found in over one million web videos. Yep. One million! Videomakers find free music for their web-vids on -- and ccMixter wants to give them even more musical options.

ccMixter's instrumenntal music library is a valuable resource for creators around the world. And it can be used freely -- just by giving the artists credit and following the Creative Commons license terms.

The Dig the Soundtrack remix event aims to grow ccMixter instrumental offerings for film and videomakers, build the roster of ccPlus artists, and educate videomakers on how to Attribute and properly use ccMixter music.

Tubed BY You was a ccMixter event in 2011 that generated music for film and video. With Dig the Soundtrack, even more ccMixter music for videos and films will be created, with more Mixters having the opportunity to be included.

Mixters are encouraged to remix DJ Vadim AND submit their own original samples, pells, and remixes, with an emphasis on instrumentals. 

For those interested in the opportunity to receive a portion of advertising revenue when your music is used in a monetized video, email ccMixter Admins to sign up for ccPlus.

Uploads for Dig the Soundtrack will be accepted through March 20.


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