Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spice Music now Remix Galaxy

Good news is Splice Music is back. Renamed Remix Galaxy.

The not so good news is it's completely shifted. So be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. For example:

4.1 You hereby grant to Company the following rights:

(a) an irrevocable, perpetual, unlimited, transferable, sublicensable, non-exclusive right and license to electronically distribute and sell throughout the Universe via the Service, without any limitation not specifically set forth herein or hereinafter...

Also they charge for stems, if you buy the stems you still need to follow the all rights reserved rules. I am not being critical as it's not any different from most other sites but a shift from the old Splice Music. Just a heads up.


Bentley said...

Hey It's Kyle from
Just wanted to let everyone know that anyone can use the sequencer for free. Upon registering at the site, you can upload sound files or choose files from a public library to use in the sequencer, just as you could with splice.

The stems that are for sale are a pretty cool and unique offering. They are high quality multi-tracks created from the original master recording and licensed from the artist. They are not sound-alikes or crappy separations using studio trickery. For those who are into remixing, it's pretty cool to have access to these kind of stems.

I hope to see you all at!

teru said...

Thanks for the info.

fourstones said...

well, then allow me to be critical... never, ever, ever, upload your music to a site that grabs those kind of rights from your creations - unless, of course, it's your intention to waive all right to everybody, like with CC0/PD.

On a technical matter, I don't think you can upload ANY music you make with CC licensed sources to a site that demands those kinds of rights.

Marco Raaphorst said...

what Victor says. They SHOULD know better. this is lame.

Gurdonark said...

So many times the lawyers put together boilerplate that misses the point. The point of a CC-friendly remix site is creator freedom. A license which gives the site the right to distribute music so long as the poster permits is one thing--but a license which gives the site the right to sell the works is another, and unacceptable thing.

I am an optimist, and thus I am optimistic that the site will have its lawyers trim back the rights granted to the right thing in the right way limited to the right scope. The current language will not work for me.

Bentley said...

Kyle again from RemixGalaxy. Thanks for the feedback on the Terms of Use. We will work with our lawyers to come up with a more user friendly approach. It is not our intent to require a blanket assignation of rights. Please be on the lookout for modifications to the Terms.

Anonymous said...

that would be great - consider offering Creative Commons licenses (a.k.a. the new boilerplate)