Sunday, June 07, 2009

5 Months Stats

Since our highest upload month (ever) in Jan the number of uploads has steadily decreased to numbers slightly higher than last years numbers. The community itself, however, is very active, and engaged, reviewing nearly 2.75 times the amount on the exact same number of uploads as this time last year. It's hard to say (without a lot more number crunching) what it all means.

The astounding number is the unique trackback URLs which is averaging 100/month. Many of those are for older tracks ('Revolve', etc.) but still, just the (uncorrelated) frequency of having 1 URL coming in for every 5 uploads is crazy.

month reviews uploads
------- -------- --------
2009-05 1376 379
2009-04 1327 459
2009-03 1131 472
2009-02 1267 497
2009-01 1602 543

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