Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had the great pleasure to see Ljova (pronounced YO-vah) in the basement performance space at the Cornelia St. Cafe in New York City.

Unlike his somewhat outside uploads to ccM, the show was filled with beautiful melodies. He played with a band consisting of stand-up bass, accordion and percussion. It's very hard to categorize the music in the show, but a lot of it is what I would call 21st century tango, similar, but on a smaller scale, to Piazzolla's Tango Ballet.

I got to talk to him after the show and he was really sweet and promised to upload more to ccM. ;)

From here, he goes to Washington D.C. to play at the Kennedy center and then next week at Carnegie Hall. (This is is pretty much the fourstones schedule as well.)

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Gurdonark said...

I am impressed, of course, that you manage to be wherever the action is nowadays, Victor. But I'm also grateful to learn how to pronounce Ljova, which I had mentally gotten wrong each time.

I hope Ljova's concerts all go great!