Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day 2009 with Snowflake

From the forum.

Snowflake was so overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of the responses to her Earth Day challenge that she actually couldn’t pick a favorite: so she picked two!

Congratulation to brad_stanfield for “ Apologize” and his choice of the National Resource Defense Council as his green non-profit, and to radiotimes for “ Sorry” and Green Peace

A donation has been made to each of the green non-profits in your names.

Thanks to Snowflake for her generosity and coming up with this great idea, raising awareness about all these issues in such a fun and creative way.

Check out all the remixes.


MC Jack in the Box said...

excellent idea. excellent source. excellent response by the community.

congrats to radiotimes and brad standfield.

Anonymous said...

i am so grateful to everyone for their amazing remixes and artistic creations. i listened to all 30 mixes again tonight, trying to pick just 8 to include on an Apologize Release under creative commons license. what an honor to work with each of you. not to mention, thousands of people learned about the plastic sludge in the North Pacific Gyre through this project. art has such a direct, yet non-offensive way of getting to the point!

thank you. thank you. thank you! all of you!


Anonymous said...

I am sooo excited that DJ Quenique is doing a MegaMix of his 8 favorite 'Apologize' EarthDay Remixes recorded by ccMixter artists. I have promised not to tell which tracks he selected until he's done with the mix. Quenique has burned each Mixter's Remix to CD and is using CDJs to record the MegaMix! How cool is that? ;)

I will post the MegaMix to my webpage as soon as it's ready!

Thanks everyone for your creative contributions!

Anonymous said...

"I Apologize for the MegaMix" by DJ Quenique featuring Snowflake and the remixes by ccMixters Chuck Berglund, Unreal DM, SpinningMerkaba, FORENSIC, Ditto Ditto, radiotimes, Brad Stanfield, and Alex Beroza is now available HERE!