Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twitter - ccMixterMusic

Are on Twitter? Are you a fan of ccMixter? If so then make sure to check out Twitter / ccMixterMusic.

Thanks to narva9 for taking the initiative. Help her spread the latest music and news from ccM by becoming a follower.


Gurdonark said...

I was really pleased to see that narva9 started this, and hit the follow button immediately. But now I wish I had held out, because the orange button with the birdie is special :).

Anonymous said...

Is it narva9 doing the posting? narva9, it would be handy if I could use playtwitter ( to listen to the whole page of links as a playlist. Any chance you could add the word "play" in whenever there isn't direct mp3 link?

(...hope this doesn't come across as tooting my own horn too much).