Friday, December 05, 2008


Built the Cool Music widget shown below with Sprout.

Sprout is the quick and easy way for anyone to build, publish, and manage widgets, mini-sites, mashups, banners and more. Any size, any number of pages. Include video, audio, images and newsfeeds and choose from dozens of pre-built components and web services.

Very easy to customize. Looks great (admittedly mine isn't all that). Works well with playlists,feeds, etc... Please note the widget above is a quick job and shows Cool Music episode #24 as an example. I can't figure out how to configure it to show a new show each week yet. :)


Lucas Gonze said...

How'd you do it, Teru? What's the media player? I assume it can handle mp3s but not playlists?

teru said...

This widget builder has a choice between mp3s and playlists (they call it a jukebox. It's via mixter's rss feed).

Also videos, images and slideshows too. : )