Friday, December 12, 2008

Shannon Remix Gig

That's Shannon and bassist husband Ben mugging it at Canter's Delicatessen after her remix show at Genghis Cohen on Wednesday night. The show was really fun with several tunes from her remix album "Second Light" and some new tunes as well. I really liked "In Your Shoes" (sounded like it was lifted right off Imperial Bedroom) and "I Love California" which she promised to upload to ccM because it is begggin for a mash-up.

With all deference to Shannon's performance, I have to admit that highlight of the evening was hooking up with her and several other heroes of the site.

From the left, the old guy is me, then there's Laswell, State Shirt, some dude named Adam, and DJ Doughy.

I want to thank (again and publicly) all the dudes for coming from far and wide to make it. Laswell drove up from San Diego (and drove back after Canter's!), State Shirt came all the way in from bumf*ck San Fernando Valley and Doughy came from friggin Kansas (!) just for the gig.


teru said...

Coolness. Thanks roving reporter fourstones. ; )

jp said...

geez Stone, you shaved for the gig?
anyway..was Brie Larson there?

Canters for the after set? things certainly have changed..

MC Jack in the Box said...

yeah, very cool! and correct me if i'm wrong but you traveled the farthest n'est pas?

spinmeister said...

wow - thanks for the report and the pics. Very cool indeed!

fourstones said...

"was Brie Larson there?"

Rodney Bingenheimer lol.

I'm pretty sure Kansas is further than Palm Springs lol (where we are spending the holidays) and besides I cheated: Canter's is 3 blocks from my brother's house where we crashed overnight.

jp said...

I used to live 3 blocks from a packing crate behind Fairfax High.