Friday, December 12, 2008

Catching the Waves vs Professor Kliq

Two fine music sources:

Catching the Waves is a CC music reblogger, and he's got groovy taste. The world needs more people like him.

Guns Blazin' by Professor Kliq is electronic funky dance beats that CtW discovered on Jamendo and I dug when I found it via CtW.

P.S.: The way you get XSPF of a Jamendo playlist is like this. You start with an album page like

The XSPF would be

Using YMP you can then play the playlist in a web page with this code:

<a href="" class="playthispage"></a>


teru said...

Thanks Lucas. Those are excellent.

PS- great sample pack on SoupGreens, which I was going blog about but I'm staying mum about them for my own selfish purposes for now. ; )

Lucas Gonze said...

Glad you dug the samples. That 1927 snare and hi hat are so amazing. I was sitting on my sofa reading and listening and I realized how easy it would be to clip out the breakdowns...

Anonymous said...

Much obliged for your kind comments, especially the "the world needs more people like him" bit. I am working on a cloning program. And "Reblogger"? Can I put that on my passport?

Thank you for telling the world that I have groovy taste. Of course, the world knows this already - because I'm groovy. The world can sense these things.

I can keep this rubbish going all night, you know.

Thanks a lot for the mention - CCMixter is a noble institution; I've been a member for a while. It's a signal honour for my crappy blog that it should be mentioned on your decidedly not-crappy blog.

And Lucas? Righteous, brother. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm computer illiterate. How would I get my blog's Yahoo Media Player to play just one mp3 from a Jamendo album? Please display the html code in full because I'm too stupid to understand programming principles unless they're shown to me in crayon.

Thank you. :-)