Monday, February 18, 2008

Remixing things to "Pieces"

I am really not one for the age-old debate about samples versus loops, except that as I type this I note that "samples versus loops" sounds rather like a professional wrestling match during my childhood that would have broadcast on the local television station eighty-three miles away in Little Rock, except that Mr. Samples would be named "Sputnik Samples" and Mr. Loops would be "Gorgeous Loops the Lion".

Nonetheless, I think there is something to be said for making remixes from sample material which is not stereotypically "easy". That's why I am glad that the Intelligent Machinery netlabel is hosting its second Pieces compilation effort.

The format is simple. The sample pack is a collection of 4 second excerpts from live performances by noise artists. The remixer is to download this set of samples, remix, remodel, re-process, and submit the resulting song to the compilation.

The first "Pieces" compilation generated a lot of fun songs, mostly in the dark ambient and noise genres, but more traditional sublime pleasures. My "gift" for song titles somehow resulted in my song being called "Soul Gourd". Need I say more?

The deadline for entries is the end of April, so that is plenty of time to remix and remodel. I will certainly be playing, and I hope that other mixters will also join in. I believe that Ms. Cline sang something about falling to pieces, but personally, I prefer to pick the pieces up, process them in my sawcutter synth, and loose them out with heartfelt joy onto a world gone chillingly cold. I hope you'll find your jagged edge, smooth it over, and join me in submitting to the "pieces volume 2" compilation. I'd love to hear some melodic mixes rise from the ashes of the 4 second samples.

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