Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mandy Leigh Storm

From the Forums.

Hi all,
If anyone wants to do some mashups or remixes with these vocal wav’s from a new singer/songwriter, feel free:
They are under a CC non-commercial license, so have fun and please tell Mandyleigh about what you’ve done so she can link to you from her sites.
The album tracks can be heard at of course.
Looking forward to hearing the results :)

Oh, and there are also some free mp3 downloads at her label, but these aren’t dance tracks. If you’d like any of the vocal wav’s for any of the other songs on the album just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

to listen to all the songs in their entirety:

Hopefully some MP3s of the acappellas are on their way to ccM for preview so people can hear it. I really like "Go With It". I can imagine a lot of really sweet remix of that one. : )

2/21 - thanks to G_Storm for uploading them. Here's Go With It.


spinmeister said...

I've posted a question in the ccMixter thread about the legality of remixing songs published under a Sellaband deal without getting a specific license from Sellaband AG. i.e. I'm not sure if Mandyleigh can even give remixing permission to her own songs for those that have been published under a Sellaband deal. Links to the Sellaband contracts are in the above referenced ccMixter forum post.

It would be a shame, because Mandyleigh sings great! Of course, she could always submit a vocal track or two for remixing which is from a song NOT published through Sellaband. Alternatively maybe an official statement on the Sellaband site, that there won't be any publishing rights problems for remixers of those songs.

teru said...

I emailed SellaBand. I'll let you know how that turns out.

spinmeister said...

any word from Sellaband yet?

Because without official Sellaband sanctioning, I think those two acappella uploads to ccMixter may be in violation of the ccMixter Terms, much like the "Black Coffee" vocal track from a few months ago, which was pulled (as well as a few remixes of it) because of publishing rights issues.

While I'm not a lawyer (and I don't even play one on TV), the Sellaband Publishing Contract (pdf) seems to suggest that once your song is published by Sellaband, they have the exclusive right to license that song.

Sorry - my objective isn't to spoil it for a talented vocalist or her supportive husband. Actually my heart bleeds for them.

If Sellaband officially opens a CC compatible remixing avenue, good.

In the meantime I don't think those vocal tracks are ccMixter compatible. Leaving them on ccMixter may also be unfair to the specifically CC and ccMixter friendly labels, who's contracts are consistent with that friendly attitude.

teru said...

I haven't received a response yet. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. If not I'll follow up in a few days.

In the meantime I (me personally) think it's important for ccM to go with the artist's wishes until I hear otherwise from SellaBand.

teru said...

I've sent 2 emails. I'm about to send a third. They're obviously not in a rush to reply. But I am determined to get a response.

spinmeister said...

you are a patient person Saint Teru!


teru said...

Still no response. I'll keep at it but....

This really says a lot about them. Not only are they not clear in their terms and conditions with their own artists. They won't even reply to simple questions by those interested in their artists.

spinmeister said...

yeah - it's rather sad, that some companies still behave that way.

Gary said...

Hi all, Gary here (Mandyleigh's be-atch).

Sellaband can be slow to respond sometimes, and it's something we're not happy about... they need to get more staff as they are so busy and so few.

Whichever, be safe in the knowledge that the vocal tracks were put on the limited edition cd's for a purpose, fully sanctioned by Sellaband, and fully under CC non-commercial license for anyone to play with.

We are hanging out to hear some funky results, so please use them :)

teru said...

Hi and thanks Gary & Mandyleigh.

I was hoping to hear some remixes by now too. I will submit one myself soon. : )