Monday, February 04, 2008

Calendar Girl Interview on CBC Spark

Spark is heard every Wednesday at 11:30 am across Canada on CBC Radio One.

Tune-in to the upcoming show on February 6th (or catch it as a podcast). It's the Collaboration Show, a show created through audience participation using wiki. Pretty neat, huh?

It will be featuring an interview with Calendar Girl talking about her CalendarSongs project. Pretty neater, huh?

Wait. There's more. It will even have a cameo by Gurdonark. (the guy to thank for setting up this interview for us to listen to)

Don't miss it.

And as always, thanks to the super-cool folks at Spark for the plugs. : )


gurdonark said...

The Spark episode with Calendar Girl is up now in mp3 form and on a flash player at the Spark website.

I'm pleased to see that Teru's "October" is one of the sampled pieces, because I know it's important for shows to have Canadian content :).

Thanks for the shout-out, Teru.
The folks at Spark really have been very good about using mixter (and Splicemusic and freesound and internet archive) material and showing what Creative Commons music can do.

teru said...

I really like how the backing music for the interview was put together. Different remixes of October chained together. Pretty cool.

calendargirl said...

gurdonark knows this already: i was all nervous and forgot to plug ccmixter. argh! but then g. rescued my oversight. i just listened to the whole show and thought it was pretty cool. i liked the light tone of the discussions on collaboration: it was smart and informative but not too serious.

teru said...

I thought you sounded great.

fourstones said...

forgot to plug ccmixte

all is forgiven ;) you've done wonders for the site already.

now when Rolling Stone or Q calls .... ;)

gurdonark said...

Yes, the interview sounded great. The editing and the CG responses kept it breezy and interesting.

The "long version" mp3 is even better, if one is interested in the whole thing. Perhaps, CG, you should get Spark's permission to import that longer mp3 onto your site, as it would be a great addition to your "rules of calendarsongs" section,and a shortcut for background when you have future interviews and the like.

The Spark collaboration show was fun--they had some good interviews, all around.