Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The unofficial danceMixterVol4-TechnoAndTranceSet

A dance mix featuring techno and trance remixes from ccMixter exclusively. All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by s.c.mixer.

playlist (MP3 VBR)

1. looke feat. kokoro mayikibo - 80k (kokoro mayikibo remix)
2. Vidian feat. nathanielstern - The Old Proverb Says
3. Unconscious Inc. - Someone recorded that sound (Copyright Criminals Contest)
4. ROSSI feat. kenmunro - When The Earth Is Gone (computer says so mix)
5. EdShift feat. P.Mac - Move Faster
6. Rev. Ken Cabal feat. HC-7 - Like Ani (LBP remix)
7. Dan S. from Cathayist feat. calendargirl - September (Minimal Faldoris Massive)
8. Mickey Jello feat. Snowflake - Pool of Love
9. DJ Rkod feat. a minor theory - Trance In Blue
10. Dutch Dance Connection feat. Lisa DeBenedictis - Girl and Supergirl (Trance mix 2006)
11. IceSun feat. KatazTrophee - Out of time (part 1-2-3)

Mix is available at
Track info and individual downloads available here.

This is part 4 of 4 of a series. Vol. 1, Vol.2, Vol.3

Thank you scmixter for putting these together for us to enjoy.

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