Saturday, December 08, 2007

The unofficial danceMixter compilation - vol. 1 - Electro set

A dance mix featuring electro remixes from ccMixter exclusively. All tracks are CC-licensed. DJ-mixed by s.c.mixer.

playlist (MP3 VBR)

1. William Berry - Octopus Trees (bill berry mix) [feat. c.layne]
2. Freelancer - Black Is All I See [feat. DJ Vadim]
3. 414 Elektric - Noite de Carnaval (A Secret Version) [feat. Cibelle]
4. Loveshadow - Tonight Tonight [feat. calendargirl]
5. teru - Sound of the Future
6. zikweb - The Leader [feat. Colin Mutchler]
7. Trifonic - Bored on Your Backside
8. [mashup] kulimu - Marionette Man [feat. Suzi Q.] / Betch - Dominick_chainsaw
9. sigh9 - ThisBeatIsVunky [feat. Zion]
10. Dafcok - Calvin Cole feat. Konan - Cornflake [feat. Snowflake]
11. Killbotz - Drop My Raga Flow [feat. MTGakaCaraMelG]
12. D_E_R - look and feel (don't eat Robots remix) [feat. brad sucks]

Mix is available at
Track info and individual downloads available here.

1 comment:

teru said...

I just listened to it. Great mix, great flow. Hard not to move to it.

I'm honored to be included within such great company. : )