Thursday, December 20, 2007

December Loves Calendar(girl)

Dorothy Lake

I notice that Calendar Girl has posted her tracklisting for her Calendar Songs project, which includes many of our mixter friends. Congratulations to Calendar Girl and each of the artists who transformed her work. This project was great fun--and showed once again the power and potential of creative commons sharing. Here's the track list, from Calendarsongs, which is worth a visit for the cool Wonder Woman photo and the liner notes about track selection and the forthcoming final result.

The songs are:

October 'Playtime' mix by eskimo-esque
November 'Dream Pop' mix by Bento Box
December 'Crystal Cuckoo' mix by A-Line
January 'Stalactite' mix by Max Plank
February 'Mumblemix' by Incoherent Mumble Train
March 'Secret Smile' mix by Darkroom
April 'Drive' mix by Old Dog
May 'The Fire' mix by Loveshadow
June 'À la Parisienne' mix by Ditto-Ditto
July 'Spit Shine Boy' mix by Duckett
August 'Ever Color' mix by sleeperspaceborn
September 'When You Said Yes' mix by IFR

A great project, well done.

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teru said...

Congrats all. It's going to be a great album. : )