Monday, November 12, 2007

Help Beta Test ccHost 4.5

Practically speaking ccHost 4.5 has been in test mode since Feb because the code has been live on ccMixter all this time (I'll add a feature to ccHost and crank it up almost immediately on ccM.

But that's still not the same as officially testing the ccHost bits so if there's anybody out there with a spare server and a few hours to kill it would be great if you could test out the bits and report bugs. Instructions here.


Anonymous said...

I have been installing and testing 4.5 since the first build 07-11-06.
I am really interested in the collab feature. I have noticed a few bugs with this feature, but ya'll seem to fix them in the next build. So I just wait a few.
Do you still have the admin guide for the old cchost? This would help me out a lot.
I really am looking forward to 5.0

fourstones said...

are you saying we're fixing bugs faster than you can report them ? ;)

seriously, if you find a bug make sure to report asap we so we can ship the bits. (make sure to include exact steps to making the bug and what browser/platform you're on.)

meanwhile, thanks for reminding me to get the docs up, they will be live by tonight (PST)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I will report bugs.

fourstones said...

ok docs are online

Anonymous said...

Your the man.
Thanks for the guide. I'll play hard and let you know of any bugs.