Monday, November 12, 2007

Editor's Picks

The ccMixter Editor's Picks are meant to highlight the best music on the site and to make it easier for podcasters, filmakers, etc to find. The only criteria I've been told for an Editorial Pick at ccMixter is - tracks which are worthy of commercial air-play. Sounds pretty simple but it's getting increasingly more complicated.

As an editor, I try to listen to all of the tracks uploaded to ccM and try to find the best among them. It used to be relatively easy. I'd pop by the site and BAM! I'd find a song that stood out. But now I find it harder and harder to do with each passing month. Now I find myself having to decide from so many possible songs to pick from. Just today I picked two songs but could have easily picked five.

I imagine all the Mixters out there think they're pretty clever submitting all this great music to make an Editor's life so difficult. I bet you're all laughing when uploading your latest remix. I can hear you saying - "Ha! Let's see them not Ed Pick this one". This has to stop.

With this constant raising of the bar we will soon reach a point where Ed Picks won't matter at all. We won't have to highlight stuff. It'll all be the best music on the site.

So please make some music that sucks once in a while. Help the Editors out.

teru ; )

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fourstones said...


meanwhile I will admit that it's become almost a top level consideration for me to give edpicks to folks who have never had one.

I think you and cdk and jlang should know that just about everything you guys post is 'edpick worthy' in my book but I'm just not going to do that because it simply isn't good for the site to be that predictable and there's nothing but goodness in picking newer talent to give them a warm welcome.

Playlists were supposed to alleviate some of this tension and I've done a bad job at positioning them to full advantage. I'm totally swamped with ccM 3 stuff and there's a code freeze until we can ship ccHost 4.5 but it would be easy for me to put together a page where each editor maintains a playlist of their hottest recommendations.