Saturday, October 27, 2007

CalendarSongs Live in NYC


Well, jet-lagged and freezing cold here in London after crazy summery weather in NYC, here is the first video from the gig last Sunday night. Its a little dark but you'll get the picture. I'm singing eskimo-esque's mix of 'November'.

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gurdonark said...

I'm sure the video doesn't do it full justice, but I would have enjoyed that light/effects show in person, I think.

The final calendar 'pella is up, and the year's worth of music has generated over 200 remixes. It's been a great project, and kudos to
calendar girl and the great mixters who took up this project and made it something good and worthy.

It'll be fun to hear the final version of the album, and to buy a copy for the old mp3 player.