Friday, May 04, 2007

Project 1 - week 3

3 weeks past. 3 left. All teams are half-way done with their collaborations (at least that's what I'm telling myself to keep from worrying too much).

DJLang has told me that Duckett is having some computer issues and may have to pull out but I hope Duckett gets it sorted. Duckett, DJLang and 21 Pele are working as a threesome. Fingers crossed.

Phusion and Plurgid are asking for some feedback and help on their collab on ccM Forums. I really like what I've heard so far. If you think you can help them get "really hotted up", send them a message.

_ghost and Narva 9, I'm told by Narva 9, are moving along, bouncing ideas back and forth. Things are starting to look solid.

I haven't heard from any of the other teams so I have to assume they're doing awesome. : )

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Gurdonark said...

I am never sure that anything I do ever finishes so much as drones on into fade.

Yet Etherdust and I have begun in earnest, and I am hopeful we will create finished projct on schedule.

Anonymous said...

Like Randy Quaid in "Independence Day"- "I'm BAACK!"
My hard drive failed. Unrecoverably.
Got a new tower, have reinstalled most of my apps, but dumb-azz me didn't back up- ever. my old system was new in 2002, so about 5 year's worth o' stuff- 1,000 WAVs, all my CWMC files, etc. all...gone...
and so it goes.
I'm still in it, though; just sadder and wiser...