Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marco sent me an invite to I don't really use it at all. I have no idea what's going on. : )

This is the one comment I saw about ccMixter:

So I tried listening to the radio thing... all the "recommendations" I got were for shite emo bands and swedish black metal. WTF?

Here's what I like the most, in random order:
The Minibosses
Pink Floyd
Elliott Smith
The Unicorns
The White Stripes

and shit from the ccmixter collective, especially Pitx.


Gurdonark said...

Hi teru:

I like, and notice that it helps get listeners--perhaps not as effectively as myspace or the mixter, but it helps.

I never can get its audioscrobbler to work with my music software, after hours installing plug-ins, but I do enjoy seeing that new people listen to my things through the site.

jp said...

at least it's "ccMixter shit" not emo shite...hmm..Emo Shite..wasn't he the lead singer in that Finnish Black Metal band..umm..I forget the name just now..

fourstones said...

yea that Pitx guy really sux