Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Kompoz is really starting to look good. Below is a nice Flash player where you can listen to some of the collaborations. (tracks play in reverse chronological order)

This one's called Remind Me of Anything. More info here, you can see who is involved and where they are on a Google Map. Cool stuff.

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Chris Rininger said...

Yes, I agree kompoz.com is a cool site specifically designed from the ground up for multi-person music collaboration. I think it is not as good at enabling multi-person collab as ccMixter is at enabling remixing yet, but it seems promising to me.

Sorry I've been mostly off-line lately. I'm looking forward to getting my stuff set up again and having time for anything but work, house, and family. I still have that song ready to record. Good luck with the "projects 1" everybody :).