Monday, May 28, 2007

Going to see The Police

Here's where I'll be tonight. : )


fourstones said...

here's where I was in 1982

teru said...

Stewart Copeland was awesome. :)

Our venue (GM Place) sucks. No one ever sounds good there. :(

Cow Palace sounds like exactly the kind of place I would have loved to of seen them. : )

fourstones said...

Copeland's comments on the gig wups.

Anonymous said...

T:Cow Palace = really bad sound..though the onstage echo is quite hearing everything through a Roland Space Echo set to stun.

My little band backed up z Po-lice a few times in '79..when they were playing mid sized clubs..SC and AS were (are) really outstanding, creative musicians. It was always fun to watch these serious chop meisters play for the midwestern punk kiddies..who thought they was gettin the real punkrawk (tm) straight from Ing-land...funny how that group was sold to the massive.

the best part of their set was a drawn out, dubwise, almost-free bit in the middle of one of the tunes..SC would operate an echo effect while playing, so he'd get the Lee Perry JA echo going..

I think there was a bass player who sang too, though I didn't pay much girlfriend at the time thought he was cute. I soon dumped her.

JP(who just got back from a short tour in the UK (Ing-land!!) and will be contributing some summer fahnk to the mighty mixter just as soon as I get unpacked, ok?)

teru said...

Thanks John. That was fun to read. :)

teru said...

OK I take it back. I wish I was at this venue. : )