Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cloudy Day Art Poetry Podcast

Cloudy Day Art Poetry Podcast, Episode 77, features a lot of ccmixter remixes of spoken word tracks. The artists featured in Episode 77 are:

” by of ““; remixed by
” by June Jordon ; recited by
” featuring the poetry of (Search Part 1); remixed by
” by
” featuring the of and the of ; remixed by (the host of the podcast)
Outro Music:
” - remix by ; featuring the music of and the spoken word of

The podcast, aptly titled the "Free Poetry Show", may be found here:
(photo by gurdonark)


teru said...

Wow. That's pretty solid list of spoken word tracks. nice.

Ummm... what is that in the picture. And why would you touch it? ewwww. : )

Gurdonark said...

That's a green puffer fish in Florida. Someone caught it on a bay fishing trip I was on, and I snapped this picture prior to its being thrown back into the ocean so that it might continue to thrive.

Marco Raaphorst said...

what a great show. thanks Robert!

my picture of today, not made by me of course:

Marco Raaphorst said...

link went wrong, 2nd try:
Sitting Bull

Gurdonark said...

I've always loved that Sitting Bull photo. It made me go hunting more PD photos of that era!